Sum Assured Term Insurance

Term Insurance is an amazing, trusted way to extensively safeguard your loved ones against any uncertain life events. Doing proper financial planning is quite important for getting your family in a safer zone. Term Insurance has been widely preferred by many numbers of people for its beneficial. Availing of the premiums helps to pay for these plans, which are exempt under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act of 1961. It is essential to know what is sum assured in term insurance for buying the premiums

What Is Sum Assured?

Normally, the Sum assured in the Term Insurance is a pre-defined sum that the insurance company agrees as the payment for you or the nominee. This pre-defined sum will be paid if the policyholder underwent any event. The sum assured in insurance will be completely determined during the time of policy purchase. Sum Assured in Term Insurance also remains unchanged throughout the policy period.

Term insurance is the best way to provide you the financial safety for your family or loved ones in case of your demise. It will be one of the best ways to easily safeguard the future in a better manner. The sum assured in term insurance will minimum guaranteed benefit the amount the insurer pays for the nominee in unfortunate events upon your demise. The policyholder needs to maintain the Term Insurance sum assured, which is completely equal to about 10 times the annual income.

How To Calculate Your Sum Assured?

Calculating the Sum Assured in Term Insurance is essential for buying the premiums. You can simply calculate the maximum sum assured in term insurance with the HLV or Human Life Value method. These are significant for helping to easily determine the ideal amount that is required for the financial needs of your family. It involves 2 methods for calculating the sum assured with the HLV method.

Sum Assured = Annual Income * Years Left Until Retirement

Following the Income Replacement method supports the amount required for your family to support will be covered. Sum Assured can also be calculated on a need basis. This method will be based on the monthly expenses of the family until the life expectancy of a spouse or even another dependent member. Choosing the right sum assured is most important for the Term Insurance policy. It is essential to know what is minimum sum assured in term insurance, along with the factors for knowing the optimal sum assured.

    • Sum assured is useful for financially secure dependents (spouse, kids, and parents)
    • Sum assured should be affordable in insurance.
    • Age also determines the sum assured. You need to opt for a high sum assured if you are young.
    • Sum assured needs to be adequate for the family to pay off in the event of financial liabilities in your demise.
    • Sum assured is sufficient to cover all financial responsibilities like sponsoring a child’s education or marriage or others

How To Choose The Right Sum Assured Under Term Plan?

Planning for the right financial balance is quite essential for peaceful health and wellness. Many people are also quite anxious about financial security, jobs as well as other medical expenses in emergencies. Cost of availing quality medical treatments is much higher in the modern day. Shifts in the lifestyle, along with the related health conditions, are most important to consider.

Purchasing Term Insurance is one of the excellent ways to build financial safety, which is net around loved ones. The need for comprehensive Term Insurance plans is higher as these guarantee a better return on investments.
Choosing the right Term Insurance plan is a must, and there is adequate coverage available. Selection of minimum sum assured in term insurance must be based on several crucial factors such as number of dependents, medical history and more.

Analyze Future Working Years:

Whether you are buying Term Insurance, it is essential to check the checklist of financial protection. Normally, the inadequate life cover is also available at a lower premium. These may or may not be sufficient for you or your loved ones. You can also pay the sum assured premium from the income. These are quite crucial for assessing the work life.

Chart Regular Annual Expenses

Buying the Term Insurance also ensures that the family gets the financial backup in case of your demise. You need to have a clear idea about what is the difference between sum assured and insured amount. It is important to know about the lifestyle expenses of you and your family members. You would be paying the premium for your chosen life cover, and it is essential to analyze the money you can afford.

It is best to take note of the monthly expenses for ascertaining the coverage amount along with the sum assured in the premium. You can see the money that you can simply set aside for the insurance needs.

    • Estimate the financial coverage that you and your family needs
    • Keep inflation rates during estimation
    • Gain insight on ongoing and recurring expenses – healthcare bills, education fees, utility bills, as well as other miscellaneous expenditures.
    • Check whether you could pay for getting a higher sum assured with the same plan or even buy another term plan to get sufficient life cover.
  • Age: One of the important factors in buying Term Insurance with the sum assured is age. Normally, younger people would be getting more coverage for the lower premiums. Middle-aged people with a family can also choose the higher sum assured
  • Assets & Liabilities: The value of assets and liabilities can be considered when you are choosing the sum assured. Amount needs to be taken care of by providing the essential needs for the family in the event of your demise
  • Income: It is also best to choose the appropriate Term Insurance while keeping in mind the working age. You can also consider the earnings per year until retirement.
  • Lifestyle: Analyze the lifestyle & expenses of your daily life so you can simply choose the appropriate plan. These help to simply take care of your family’s well-being even during the unexpected death.
  • Consider Major Life Goals: Normally, there are certain phases in life that you need to concentrate such as higher education abroad, marriage, retirement and many more. These are essential needs for getting additional financial assistance.

Choice of sum assured based on Term Insurance can be enabled under these aspects. Various landmarks in life can also be analyzed when you prepare from a young age.

Difference Between Sum Assured And Sum Assured

Sum assured involves the pre-fixed amount that the nominee would receive on the death of the life insurance policyholder. The Sum insured will be the maximum amount that is received in case the event happens. Knowing about what is the difference between sum assured and sum assured on death helps to choose the right premium. The value of the sum insured will be based on the insured asset.

These depend on pre-existing diseases and medical history for medical insurance. The value of the sum assured will be based on various factors like age, liabilities, income, assets, and even working life period.

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In conclusion, it is essential to understand the insurance terminologies with the Sum Assured. Many people also choose to buy the new term policy for easily raising total life cover with the sum assured. These can also help to keep up with the income. It will be carried within the policy tenure and you can simply choose Term Insurance for getting more benefits.


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