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Do you have any idea about the term plan for housewives? Want to explore the impact of term insurance for homemakers? If yes, go through this guide and learn about the term plan for housewife.

Currently, men and women play equal roles in this society regarding household activities and work. Therefore, considering women’s security is very essential. If you are looking for such things, consider term insurance for your housewife. Read the guide further and find how much term insurance can be helpful for women.

Term Insurance for Housewife in India

In general, term insurance for housewife in India is the most advanced life insurance for homemakers if they struggle during unfortunate circumstances under the policy term. Getting these term insurances from the legal insurance provider can provide enough of an assured amount.

If the housewife passes away, their family member can get recurring financial support through these policy terms. It is a must for every husband to apply for the term insurance for their housewife as the financial backup.

Reasons why housewives need term insurance:

Nowadays, women suffer from many health issues like breast cancer, heart conditions, PCOD, and much more. Treating these health issues at a reputed hospital costs a lot of money.

During the sudden demise of the housewife, term insurance for housewife India can effectively protect the family members and help them fight financial, emotional, and mental trauma. Take a look at the below and explore the top reasons the housewives need term insurance:

  • Better financial security for the family: Your presence is very important to the family, whether you support them financially or not. During that time, the sudden demise of the housewife can affect the family a lot. A term plan can give the family an additional income source when required. It can help their family with both long-term and short-term financial goals.
  • Better protection & affordable premiums: You can get the best term insurance for housewifeat a very affordable cost. It provides better life cover at lower premium rates and can safeguard the families of housewives when they are no longer required. When you buy these kinds of policies early, lower premiums are more than enough.
  • More add-on covers: The insurance providers provide add-on covers under this policy to improve the coverage. The add-on covers of this term plan are Critical Illness Rider, Accidental Death Benefit Rider, Disability Benefit Rider, Accidental Death Rider, Term Rider, and much more. It can provide more financial support to housewives and their families during emergencies.
  • Saving & investment: The insurance provider will hand over the money gained as the death benefit of the housewife to their family for their retirement planning, children’s higher education & some other expenses.

What are the factors to consider?

Considering some factors is essential if you want a term plan for a housewife. Take a look at below and explore the factors to consider:

  • Enough cover: First, you must check that enough coverage is available through this term plan that meets the financial requirements of the family members. Keep track of future and current expenses to get the estimate.
  • Health conditions: Considering the health conditions of the housewife is also very important to get suitable term insurance. It can help add more covers.
  • Claim settlement ratio: Considering the effective claim settlement ratio is necessary before buying this best term plan for housewife. The high claim settlement ratio indicates how efficiently and reliably the insurer provides financial benefits.
  • Choose the suitable type of term plan:There are different term plans for housewives, and by considering future and current expenditures, you have to choose the right one.

Types of term insurance plans for housewives:

Mainly in India, Insurance companies provide the three types of term insurance plans for housewives. In some specific cases, they combine two-term insurance plan benefits in one and offer some new one

  • Level premium: This type of term insurance for housewives compensates for the premium paid by the policyholder if the insured survives the policy term.
  • Increasing term insurance: This type of term insurance plan enables you to increase sum insured during the policy period if you want to do so.
  • Decreasing term insurance: This type of term life insurance offers a sum decrease at a set rate. The main idea behind this insurance is dependencies decrease as the age grows so no need to pay a high amount for term insurance. Term insurance

Term plan for housewife features:

The features of the term plans for housewives are really extraordinary. Check out below and explore the term plan for housewife features:

  • Affordable premium
  • Return of premium
  • Flexibility
  • Waiver of premium
  • Add-on riders
  • Online support


From the scenario above, now you know about the term plan for housewife. So why are you still waiting? Now is the right time to apply for this term insurance and secure everyone depending on the homemakers.


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